At DB Car Collection we're on a mission to make SELLING your used OR SCRAP car easy and hassle-free...

Frequently asked questions, answered!

How long will my quote be valid for?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.All of our scrap car quotes are valid 7 days from when we contact you, after all you may need a little time to think about it.​

What kind of cars do you buy?

We consider any used or scrap car or van in any condition.

What do I need to have ready for my call?

We may ask you a number of questions such as: 1. Whether there's any damage. 2. Whether your car starts and drives. 3. What the mileage of your car is to the nearest thousand. 4. Whether your car has ever been written off by an insurance company. 5. Whether you have the registration certificate (V5C) for your car. 6. Whether you have at least one copy of each key needed to unlock and start your car. 7. How much MOT remains. 8. How much service history your car has.

I removed parts of my scrap car, will you still want it?

Yes we consider any vehicle, but please tell us what's missing as this will affect the price we're able to pay at collection.

Can I scrap a car if it wont start?


Can I SORN my car before I scrap it?


Can you scrap a car that’s not in your name?


Can you scrap a car that wont move?


Can I get money for my scrap car?


Can you scrap a car without a number plate?


Can you scrap a car that wont move?

Yes, provided the vehicle can be accessed by our collection van.

Can you scrap a car and keep number plates?

Yes, depending on the correct completion of the DVLA paperwork.

Can I drive a car to the scrap yard with no tax?

No, It needs to be taxed (and MOT and insurance) or put on a trailer.

Can I drive a car to the scrap yard without insurance?

No, It needs to be insured (and MOT’d and taxed) or put on a trailer.

Can I drive my car to scrap yard without MOT?

No, the car needs to be MOT’d (and taxed and insured) or put on a trailer.

Can I get a car taken for scrap without a log book?


Can I get my car scrapped without documents?


Can I scrap my Mum's car?

Yes, with permission

Can I scrap my car without buying a new one?


Can I SORN my car if selling it for scrap?

Yes, providing we are collecting it via trailer.

Can I transfer my car insurance over to another car before I scrap an unwanted car?


Can you drive your car to the scrapyard damaged?

Depends on the severity of the damage

Can you scrap a write-off for money?


Can you strip your car before scrapping it?

Depends on what is stripped as this may affect and influence the value given for scrap

How can I get rid of my car if it is on finance?

Please contact your finance company and follow their instructions

How do cars damage the environment?

Please read the National Geographic's Website on the environmental implications of old cars on the environment here.

What do I do about car tax when scrapping my vehicle?

Notify DVLA who will issue ‘full month’ refunds only.

What do I fill in when scrapping my car?

Slip (V5C/3) in the log book.

When you scrap your car do you need a certificate?


Why is it so hard to get a car valuation without handing over your details?

We only ask for your email address and/or mobile number on our quote form. If you decide not to use DB Car Collection, there's no hard feelings and we will not share your details or contact you again unless you ask us to.

Who shot first?

Solo, he's not as innocent as you ask us a car question